How to Scale an eCom Beauty Brand
From £15k To £100k Per Month

How to Scale Your eCom Brand From $0 to $70k in 45 days with Email Marketing

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Azio Beauty Case Study: From £15k To £100k Revenue In 2 Months

Azio Beauty Case Study: From £15k To £100k Revenue In 2 Months

There are hundreds of beauty and skincare brands out there, but not many of them know how to generate revenue from email marketing.

Before coming to us about seven months ago, Azio Beauty, a premier anti-ageing luxury skincare brand, had been working with a full-service Ad Agency and was generating about £15K in monthly revenue from email marketing.

In this case study, we’ll reveal an email marketing strategy that 7x Azio Beauty’s revenue and keeps consistently generating £100K of monthly revenue.

An Email Marketing Strategy That 7x Beauty Brand Revenue Over The Holiday Period

An Email Marketing Strategy That 7x Beauty Brand Revenue Over The Holiday Period

In November, we generated nearly £100K of revenue from email marketing, which was 50% of that month's Azio Beauty brand overall revenue.

We started working together in late spring/early summer of 2022, and before we started working together, Azio Beauty was generating about 10% of their revenue from email marketing.

We started by creating an email marketing strategy and taking steps to increase their revenue from emails.

1st Step. Re-drafting Azio Beauty email designs. We implemented a simple template that was mobile-optimized and encouraged users to engage and click through to the site.

2nd Step. Email list growth. Azio was driving a lot of traffic from Meta Ads, but many users weren’t converting. We worked on their lead forms.

3rd Step. Rebuilding email flows. We've built over 15 flows that were generating revenue, touching each point of the customer journey on the website and nurturing the customer to make a purchase decision.

Not only were we focusing on generating revenue, but we were also helping the business out in non-email-related areas. For example, our UGC flow provided the brand with content they could use on their Paid Ads, and our Review Request Flow helped Azio Beauty generate more positive reviews on Trustpilot.

4th Step. Implementing consistent email marketing strategy. We had 2 goals here: to send emails out consistently and to not rely on discounts. A big No-No that many brands do is sending consistently but mostly focusing on discount offers. Yes, it works in the short run, but long run, you're just cheapening your brand.

We implemented a content-based sending email marketing calendar that provided real value to the recipients, and we were sending 6-8+ every month. We were sending email campaigns to different segments: the most engaged audience, VIPs, to people who need to refill their beauty products. We were sending emails to all these different segments of the list to ensure we were not spamming people and sending email campaigns to the right audience.

Email Design Best Practices

Email Design Best Practices

The main focus in email designs is mobile-optimizing everything to have a super simple and sleek design that captures the brand vibe and pushes people to engage and click on the site and make that purchase.

An Email Marketing Strategy that Generates Revenue During the Holiday Season.

An Email Marketing Strategy that Generates Revenue During the Holiday Season

Typically we send 6-8+ campaigns per month for Azio Beauty, but in November, we sent 15. Now, why is that? Well, it's because there's a lot of competition for inbox space.

You've got brands sending emails out left and right, and everyone's trying to take advantage of people being in that holiday buying spirit, and they're trying to capture that consumer dollar. Volume does help you stand out. People forget to purchase - they drop off a lot more, and they're generally inundated with marketing, so you need to stay on top of the inbox, and you need to come up with a unique angle.

Our goal was to drive as much revenue as possible for Azio Beauty. They had a site-wide 20% off discount, which we really pushed through email campaigns and had a unique twist to it.

In the last few days, when everyone was increasing their discount, we were decreasing our discount.

Holiday Email Campaigns Segmentation

Holiday Email Campaigns Segmentation

We were sending these email campaigns to different segments and targeting different audiences: people that were recently active, have come to the end of their subscription, purchased last year at this time (holiday shoppers), and purchased at a discount before because we know they're discount shoppers. We were using all these different segments within the list to drive proper revenue, and that had a real success.

Overall Results From Email Marketing Implementation

Overall Results From Email Marketing Implementation

If we look back, we took this beauty brand from less than 10% of revenue from email marketing before us, and we took them to 7x of that to nearly £100K in less than a year. That translates to a return on email spend of 54x! It's impossible to achieve these results on any other marketing channel.

At Open House Media, we're not just generating revenue, we're helping businesses across the board - produce more content, help get more positive social proof, and discuss what else we can do to help the brand. That's our thought process, and it shows our customers how much we care about their businesses.

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