How to Scale Your eCom Brand
From $0 to $70k in 45 days with Email Marketing

How to Scale Your eCom Brand From $0 to $70k in 45 days with Email Marketing

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Why Do Ecom Brands Need To Implement Email Marketing?

Why Do Ecom Brands Need To Implement Email Marketing?

Email marketing is the highest ROI marketing channel you can implement today for your business without rising costs and volatile performance. If you don't have a bulletproof email marketing strategy bolted onto your business, you'll likely lose money on the front end. You need a system that maximizes your lifetime value by nurturing people at each stage of their customer journey. Whether it's an immediate purchase or you're trying to get them to come back and buy from you again and again - email marketing is the best way to do this.

In a world that's increasingly run by tech companies, it's great to own your data. Email marketing is the best tool to help you do that and grow your list.

Snipers Edge Hockey case study:From $0 to $70k revenue in 2 months.

Snipers Edge Hockey case study: From $0 to $70k revenue in 2 months

The brand was founded by an ex-NHL Superstar over 15 years ago. Snipers Edge has got a long history of success. But when they started working with our email marketing agency Open House Media (OHM), they were generating 0% of revenue from their Klaiviyo email marketing integration.

In September, Snipers Edge had $0 of revenue coming from Klaviyo, and just 2 months later, in November, we drove more than $70K of revenue from email marketing.

Top 4 Mistakes in Email Marketing

Top 4 Mistakes in Email Marketing

How did we do that? Well, I'll take you back and quickly show you a few of the emails that they were sending out before we started working together.

Why were these emails not generating any revenue?

One, there's no clear and consistent branding.

Two, there's no telling of the brand story. It's just serving up messages to buy.

Three, there's often no clear call to action (CTA): there are no buttons, and there's no purpose to what they are trying to get people to do.

Four, the branding and the colour scheme are entirely different between all emails.

An Email Marketing Strategy that Generated $70k in Revenue in 2 months

An Email Marketing Strategy that Generated $70k in Revenue in 2 months

Below you can see emails that our email marketing agency created for Snipers Edge last month.

All of them are on brand, the product is in front and centre of the email, and each email campaign has a clear message. Most importantly - it's not a straight-up “please buy now.” There's fun information, great product branding, and a clear CTA.

What was the exact game plan that we did to turn things around?

Well, Snipers Edge came to OHM right before the holiday season, so they were planning on ramping up ad spend and traffic that they would get to the website, and they needed an email marketing strategy to mop up all of the revenue that wouldn't convert right off the bat.

So firstly, we put in place a 30-day turnaround email marketing strategy. We started by rebranding the email templates, putting together consistent designs with clear call to actions, and showcasing different products.

Once we had the designs and email copies in place, the next step was list growth. We had to ensure that we captured 95% of the traffic they drove from Facebook ads and convert them on the back end with key email flows.

Usually, we build 20+ flows for clients, but 7 flows drive most of the revenue:

And as we were on a tight deadline, we just focused on those 7 email flows.

Then we planned out and put in place a holiday email marketing calendar. Promotion sending is rife over October/November period in the lead-up to Christmas. We had to come up with a unique offer.

We came up with a daily power play email campaigns with promotions on different products every day, which kept the customer hooked because they were waiting to see, “ Is the product that I want going to be on discount today?” That led to engagement with email campaigns, and that was the strategy that allowed us to scale from $0 to over $70k in less than 2 months.

An Email Marketing Strategy That Works For Every Business And Sector.

An Email Marketing Strategy That Works For Every Business And Sector

And it isn't just Snipers Edge that we've done this for. I can show you countless case studies - Corset Story, a ladies' lingerie company. We doubled the revenue share coming from Klaviyo email marketing integration from 20% right to 40%, adding an extra £50,000 per monthly revenue.Azio Beauty luxury skincare brand - we 7x email revenue from $15K per month to $100k. Jimmy Malouf - we added an extra $40,000 of revenue from email marketing.

Why You Should Trust Open House Media

Why You Should Trust Open House Media

We can achieve these results in any sector. Take the example of G-Rack, which is a storage and shelving company where we added nearly $100K to their monthly revenue just with our simple email marketing strategy.

These results are achievable for any business in any sector. Our email marketing agency has done this for over 100 different eCommerce brands and tech companies, and I know our team can do it for you too.

When you consider your overall ROI and compare us against an in-house team, a freelancer, or a full-service agency across different categories - we come out as your best alternative.

If you look at your monthly investment in an in-house team or a full-service agency - it’s super expensive. A freelancer will be way cheaper than us, but they'll cost you more in terms of service delivery and the amount of supervision that you need to give them.

Our run pop time is very short. We'll be live within the first 1-2 weeks, and you'll start seeing results straight away.

When you consider fees, the amount of money you spend to send your email campaigns, and the time invested - you're getting at least a 20x return on that, which is insane and is not delivered by any other marketing channel.

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We’ll do the audit because we want to deliver you value. You can take our email marketing strategy and implement it yourself. You can use your current marketing team to implement it. But if there's space to help you and you would like to work with us - great!

We’d love to speak with you, and if there's something you think can be done to improve your email marketing and revenue - click the button below this blog post, and our email marketing agency will do its best to give you unbelievable results.

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